Slower than Expected:

By June 17, 2024Blog Posts

In recent weeks, our trucking operations have faced some challenges, but thanks to the dedication of our drivers, we’re keeping things rolling smoothly. Today, I want to give a big thank you to those who have volunteered for the coastal routes.

Last week, James, Dave C, and Paul stepped up to ensure our logs reached the mills on time. Their hard work was truly appreciated.

This week, we’re grateful to Geoffrey, James, Paul, and Dennis for continuing this important work. Their commitment to getting the job done is commendable.

Truck drivers are the backbone of our operations, ensuring our logs reach the mills efficiently. Your efforts are crucial and greatly valued.

Thank you, James, Dave C, Paul, Geoffrey, Dennis, and all our truck drivers, for your dedication and hard work. Let’s continue to support and appreciate them as they keep our operations running smoothly.