Some thing for the log truck drivers to think about.

By March 26, 2019Blog Posts

My goal of course, is to keep everyone busy right here. Running out of our yard. It is easier for Joe and his guys to keep them all running and serviced. It is where you all applied for a job. I get that.

I just want to run this thought by you all to see if I get any interest.

Jack with A&P Logging has been asking us for two years to go to the coast with his side for the summer. He loves our company and the way we take care of him. Green Diamond has approached us with similar request.

With the smoke we have been having here all summer long, every year, I thought it might be worth asking some of you if you would like to take a camp trailer and your wife to the coast for the summer to stay busy and get out of the smoke.

I would try to work something out to help pay for the camp sight for you. We are also currently looking for local drivers over there.

Nothing is set up yet. Nor is this a for sure thing. It is just something we are looking at. If you might be interested in such a venture, come talk to Troy.