Some things to remember

By January 16, 2020Blog Posts

Lately we have had an abundance of “brain farts”, forgetful memory or just flat out laziness. Here are a few things that we need to get corrected immediately, if you are unaware of how to correct these issues please see your dispatcher.


Fuel Entry:

You are required to input EVERY GALLON that you put into a truck into the EROAD system. If you don’t know how, please ask. It is a HUGE inconvenience to the office staff who has to input it for you.


Complete the Hand Ticket:

Please make sure you are putting all of the information on your hand ticket that you can. That includes the Shipper Name, Consignee Name, Truck #, Trailer #, BOL # (very important and the most forgotten by drivers…), description of product hauled, your signature and the most important thing is a receivers signature that you acquire during delivery. If you need a refresher on how to properly fill one out, see the office.


Paperwork Drop Box:

Please fold your daily paperwork in half with your name showing on the outside of the paper. Makes for easier sorting for the office. One paperclip should be sufficient to hold it all together. Please don’t use anything other than a rubber band or paperclip to group your paperwork together (yes we have had tape, stickers, staples…).


Complete your Daily Time Sheet:

You are required by the company to complete your daily time sheet to the fullest. That includes your pick/drop information, start and end time, total time, fuel used, truck/trailer used, date, accurate count of picks/drops so that you are paid accordingly and your start and end mileage. Any questions on how to properly fill your time sheet out, see the office.



Please turn in your REQUIRED daily DVIR sheet into the “hole in the wall” in the drivers room so that they can be given to the mechanics. Even if you don’t have anything to write on your DVIR because everything is working, you are still required to turn one in.