Stay Calm and use your Head

By March 24, 2020Blog Posts

During these trying times things seem tough. Everything you hear sounds scary. There are several things to think positive about.

1.)    Most of you are isolated most of the day just by the job you do.

2.)    You all come into contact with very few people daily.

3.)    Very few cases of this stuff have even appeared in our area of the state.

4.)    Our industry is exempt from the shutdown. We can keep working.

5.)    When this is over and the economy picks up, the interest rates should be slower in coming up so people should by new homes. That means more plywood which affects all of us.

If we all use our heads, stay 6 feet away from others and wash our hands often, we will get through this sooner rather than later.

Stay clean and healthy. Be smart.

Troy Hutchens