By November 3, 2020Blog Posts

We are a really friendly company and love to help all of our employees out. But, we will not tolerate a thief. An incident occurred this morning, for the 2nd time. Someone has either stolen or borrowed straps from a highway trailer. Good thing that the driver pre-tripped properly and counted his straps before heading out for his day. We equip all of our trailers with the proper equipment to do your job. You should not need to take/transfer straps from one trailer. If you need straps, or need to replace some old ones, just see the shop. We would be more than happy to get you new straps. Bring us the old ones, and we will replace. The Department of Transportation sees this as an asset as we are continually attempting to improve our safety. So, if you need straps, see the shop or Stew. Kudos’s the driver who did a thorough pre-trip inspection.