Stripped Log Load & Strip Chain

By October 11, 2021Blog Posts

This is for all the newer log truck drivers we have. And, maybe a few long tenure drivers could use a refresher course.

When logs are loaded on a log truck the loader puts the logs on with a minimum of 6” over the front bunk. The purpose of this is to give a good bite on the logs.

To make log trucks turn sharp, they bend in the middle. To accomplish this the front bunk bites into the bark of the log with its knife or knifes. The trailer bunk does the same thing. That is what keeps the trailer and truck together. The compensator then allows the back unit to bend while the front bunk and rear bunk stay the same distance apart.

The down side to this is it is easy to strip the load by the trailer getting stuck in mud, snow or steep up hill grade. Then the bark gives way on the truck bunk and the trailer just simply keeps the load and the truck drives away.

If you are in a condition to make this happen you need to put on a strip chain. This is a chain or wrapper between the two bunks for help keeping them the same distance apart.

Ask any veteran driver to show you how to set this up.