Summer is Here

By June 20, 2018Blog Posts

June 20, 2018

Self-care for summer;

KEEP HYDRATED; carry enough water and other liquids you can drink throughout your day to stay hydrated. In the summer heat if you’re not sweating- you’re not hydrated!

KEEP UP YOUR ENERGY LEVELS; Make sure you pack a lunch that has more than just carbs or maybe not enough. Carbs support your muscle activity and provide energy, however you can’t live on carbs alone!

Pack a variety of things like fruit , a candy bar, something salty like nuts, protein bars work well. Eating a good balance will keep you alert and not slow you down, physically or mentally.

GET ENOUGH SLEEP each night. Sleep deprivation will place you in danger of making deadly mistakes.

Use your slack time wisely, do paperwork, double check your truck, take a few minutes to clean things up; these activities change your daily routine and can act as a brain refresher.

Stay ALERT-Watch out for all those other people on the road that don’t have a clue you are even there.

Let’s be healthy & safe this summer!!!