Take Advantage

By February 12, 2020Blog Posts


The company has worked hard to come up with ideas to help all of you be at your best.

A couple of things we have done are practice stations. We made a complete set of practice (very small) tarps on a block to show people the tricks of tarping. By using this you can learn ways not to ware out tarp prematurely while also making your job a lot faster, safer and easier.

We have also invented and built a brake adjustment tower that can show you a couple different things. The more you understand what it is your doing the why seems much easier.

This station can also be use to lean better chaining techniques. This can make you safer and more productive.

I know you all think you know the best way to do it all. But maybe you could get a refresher course and learn a new trick.

If you see someone who could use it. Suggest to them or a boss, and maybe we can help them.

Keep in mind, everyone’s productivity does effect you.