Take care of yourself.

By March 10, 2020Blog Posts

Although I am a believer that the hype about the Coronavirus is worse than the virus itself. I think they are spreading around a lot of good ideas we should all do anyway.

For you and your family it is a great idea to wash your hands. A lot. Not just after a restroom break, but a lot.

The CDC is saying wash your hands a lot and use 60% alcohol or stronger sanitizer. Keep your hand away from your face. Cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing. We also recommend you Lysol your truck daily. Stay away from large crowds. Wipe everything down around you with Clorox wipes.

These are all great way to avoid the Coronavirus but more importantly, these are great ways to avoid the regular flue and cold. They are much more likely to get you.

Remember we both want and need you here.

Troy Hutchens