Thank You for showing up!

By August 22, 2022Blog Posts

I want to thank all that showed up on Saturday for the safety-info breakfast.  I know we threw a lot of info at you in a short time. Bottom line is Work place injuries are not only scary. They are expensive. The cost of the injury cost the company for 5 years. The year it happens in as well as the next 4 years as it goes in the insurance rate calculations via our “MOD” rate. I tried to explain this. We do not want people to hide them to save money but request you to stretch and work safely to avoid them. The last 4 years have not been good and we will give SAIF 53% more then standard rates (about $150,000 to $180,000 for this policy year.  That is about as much as it would take to buy a new truck and trailer. Or give everyone a 10% raise. I know which one I would rather do.

Second, we had Norm from Morgan Stanly talk about our 401K plan. In a nut shell, you’re giving away free money if you are not participating. If you want to talk to Norm, see Ryan for contact info.

We also got a notice from Joe Fisher he will be retiring, or at least going to part time next year. He will be sorely missed.

Thanks again.