Thank You Joe.

By November 14, 2022Blog Posts

After what I think is 44 years of dedicated work for the Martin family of companies. Joe is hanging up his coveralls.
Joe’s work in the shop has been awesome. But he also plays a big role in management. Making and policing policies Floyd brought with him when he started FV Martin Trucking and to help write them to fit today’s work place.
Although we have a great team in place to replace him. He will be missed by all. Joe has been working hard to make sure it is a seamless transition.
On a personal note, Joe has been a great partner for me. We started a couple companies and they both turned out to be positive for us both. Willamette Truck and Equipment and Martin Transportation Co. They were Joe and I’s way to learn business from the ground up. Together we did a great job. Martin Trans is one half the size today as FV Martin was when I got here 31 years ago.
Joe is known by everyone around southern Oregon in the trucking businesses. I believe his work has shown the industry that we are a great, honest and proud group of people and that will carry on because of the ground work he has laid.
Again, Thank You Joe.