By January 17, 2023Blog Posts

Let’s make more money!

There are a few ways to do this. Ask customers to pay more. Ryan, Stew and I are working on that. Another way, is run more trucks. So, we need to fill our seats.

On the other side of bringing in more is spending less. Don’t give it to insurance companies. That could be for truck damage or worse employee damage.

Fact is, if we didn’t wreck things, hit stationary objects, or get injured, we would have a lot more money to give all of you.

Save fuel by minimizing your idle time.

Our employees can control many of these factors. If you would like to make more money, drive safe, work safe, and help us attract more drivers. Have positive chatter on the CB. Negative conversations on the CB could cost you and your coworkers money. If I am “Joe trucker” listening to the CB and over hear a driver complaining about a job, I don’t think they will be knocking on the FVM door ready to apply. Drive the shortest miles to your destination and avoid out of route miles. If you don’t know the shortest route, ask.

Let do this together. I promise I’ll share.