By February 16, 2023Blog Posts

Could the following employees please come to the office at your earliest convenience to fill out a 2023 W4 form for Federal and State. If you are not able to come in during office hours, please request that the forms be left in the drivers room for you to grab on your way into the yard and drop them in the paperwork box filled out.

Dana Carder                                         Jeff Pedersen

Brad Hewitt                                          Steve Wirth

Grif Wilder                                            Jerry George

Keith Ham                                             Monty Allsop

Daniel Saber                                          Dave Wilkerson

Dennis Clark                                          Nick Pikios

Richard Stark                                        Jesse Wright

Jerry Cunningham                               Noah Timoshenko

James Lubbers                                      Jacob Abshire

Lloyd Aucoin                                         Nicolas Webb

Jimmy Bailey                                        James Georgeson

Steve Bailey                                          Bryce Sampsell

Jay Yong                                               James Adney

Aidan Stenkamp                                Andrew Stafford

Don Miles