By July 26, 2023Blog Posts

We have received some new information about the white city log yard regarding all log truck drivers. Some of this is just a reminder but there is new information as well. Please read and review these notes from Boise. Lets be safe out there and do our job safe.


All log truck drivers must comply with not only applicable DOT Regulations, but also the Oregon Administrative Rules, Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division including but not limited to Division 7, Subdivision L. Additionally, drivers must also comply with Boise Cascade Wood Products and location requirements. All log loader/stacker operators shall have the right to refuse unsafe loads.


Basic safety Rules

1: PPE is required anytime you are out of your truck. This includes hard hat, high visibility shirt/vest, safety glasses, and closed toed shoes/boots. If you do not have one or more of these items, notify the outside lift/CAT driver and they will get you necessary PPE.

2: Truck drivers will remain in plain sight of the operator during the unloading process and will remain in front of the truck for duration of the process. Once the unloading has started truck drivers will not move from their place unless they are instructed by the operator to do so.

3: Drivers are not to go to the opposite side of the load or behind an operator for any reason.

4: Smoking is not allowed inside or outside of your truck while on Boise Cascade property.

5: Speed limit of 10mph.

6: The use of cellphones while driving on Boise Cascade property is prohibited.

7: Do not block driveways or walkways


Wrapper Rack Instructions and Rules

Short logs should be loaded in a manner that they are secured and are cradled by other logs and secured against movement by those logs

If at any point a driver feels that wrappers cannot be removed safely using the wrapper wrack ,they should pull forward to the unloading area so that the 988k driver can assist (this is done by placing the forks against  the load so that logs cannot roll off the truck)

  • The wrapper rack is for scale loads only! Any non-scale loads (count logs) will continue to the location past the log yard shop where the 988K will secure the load while wrappers are removed.
  • Mule Train trucks do NOT use the wrapper rack
  • Follow the usual process through the scales and pick up your paperwork
  • Proceed forward making right hand turn to enter the wrapper rack
  • Pull as close to the rack as possible – this will be safer and allow you to reach your wrappers from behind the railing on the platform
  • The wrapper rack controls are located at the front, center of the platform. The control switch is labeled “forward” and “back”
  • Run the wrack forward until it makes contact with the load
  • From your position behind the railing on the platform, remove your wrappers and binders. A pike pole is available for use to reach wrappers if needed
  • Run the rack back to the upright position – failure to do so could result in damage to the rack and your truck. Proceed forward to the unloading area.

Unloading logs

  • Remain at the front of your truck during unloading, you must remain in this area until the load is 50” away from you and the truck.
  • Once unloaded, proceed to the trailer loader.


Emergency Evacuations

If there is an emergency evacuation while you are on Boise Cascade White City Veneer property

  • Ensure that your truck is turned off with the parking brake on
  • A Boise Cascade employee will direct you to the staging area until the event has finished and everyone is released back to their jobs.