Winter is Coming

By September 25, 2018Blog Posts

Please remember to check all tire chains SOON! It is much easier to check your tire chains and get them up to par before the snow and cold weather sneak up on us. If you need a refresher course on how to chain up, please talk to dispatch.

Another reminder about tire chains; Please do not just write up your tire chains and leave them on the rack. If you have a broken chain, put them on your catwalk of your truck, THEN write them up on your DVIR. If you would like to repair them yourself, please see the shop and they will supply you with the correct tools for the job.

As you have noticed, the air is a bit chillier out than normal in the morning. Are you winter prepared? Do you have extra food, water, warm clothing, or a cell phone charger? All of these small things make a difference if you by chance breakdown for an extended period of time.