You never know, so be careful.

By June 4, 2024Blog Posts

Something happened to me the other day that I thought was a great opportunity to share. It was a great teaching moment even though don’t think the driver caught the lesson.

Last week my Range Rover was busy on a mission without me. So, I drove my personal car to work. I went to lunch and on my way back. Driving down Hwy 62 I passed an F V Martin truck. I was coming to Merry Ln so I turned my blinker and watched in my mirror to see if it was clear. Nope the truck kept going so this went on for over a half mile with my blinker on. I eventually sped up until my car indicated it was clear to go over.  I had plenty of room so I moved over to right lane to turn on Merry Lane. The truck proceeded speed up and put his grill in my mirror to threaten me with his weapon. He was bigger than me so I should be scared. He then turned on to Merry Lane and pulled in to the fuel island. I am quite sure he was surprised when I pulled in to the spot reserved for Troy Hutchens.

I went over and talked to him. His answer was I pulled over to close to him. I did not but that is not the point. Rather I did or not. Threatening me with his grill was the wrong answer. What could he get out of that? 1.) a wreck 2.) a pissed off citizen.  3.) Look like a fool in front of his boss or a customer or even our insurance broker. He had no idea who was in that car.

The lesson here is just back off and nice people to death. If someone does something to piss you off smile at them and get out of the situation. Move on to bigger and better things. You’re a professional.